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Numerology 369 Features

• Four different numerology systems including the newest Numerology 369 Table™:

     • Numerology 369 Table (exclusive!)
     • Chaldean Table
     • Pythagorean Table
     • Kabbalah Table

• Full personality and forecast reports:

     • Personal Features
     • Plans of Expression
     • Life Affections
     • Life Challenges
     • Life Culminations
     • Life Cycles

• Interactive Processing

• Complete table of events (up to 100 years in the future)

• Import/export option (unlimited!)

• New Virtual Keyboard letters layout (German, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Italian, Serbian, Croatian...) 43 new letters added

• HTML reports (great for webmasters and professionals)

Numerology 369 is very intuitive and easy to use. Download now and see for yourself!

Numbers Symbolics
Name Number
Heart Desire
Love Number
Plans of Expression
Life Path
Generation Number
Biorhythm Number
Cycles of Youth
Cycles of Maturity
Cycles of Wisdom
Life Cycles
Table of Lines
Table of Numbers
Table of Disadvantages
Table of Events

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