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Numerology: Life Cycles

Culminations and challenges

Culminations and challenges are the most important lessons that we have to learn during our
life. Culminations present the state of mind and everything we can achieve. Challenges, on the
other hand, belong to the exterior plan. They represent the things we have to experience during a
particular period. Challenges are always challenging us to develop ourselves further and
culminations are giving us the possibility to express ourselves in different ways. The low span of
the first challenge points to many difficulties in the early years of that person, such as leaving
the house early, early marriage, employment, maturity, etc.

There are four life cycles which are expressed through culminations and challenges. They are all
connected. The first interval of the life cycle is reflected through the first challenge and the first
culmination. It is shown through the numerological values of the first challenge and culmination.
It reflects the remaining three intervals.

By clicking on the text box with the result, the final report for that number is given.

In Numerology 369 click on the boxes with results in order to get reports for particular numbers. The reports can be saved with "SAVE REPORTS AS" from the File menu (this saves all textual reports in one large TXT file), or as web page with "EXPORT REPORT AS HTML FILE" command, or by using commands COPY and PASTE from Edit menu or by rightclicking on the mouse..

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