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Numerology: Life Path

The life path represents a person's behaviour including the circumstances and conditions in
which the person lives and also represents who you are at birth. In numerology, this is the most
important number which almost totaly describe a person.

This number is found by summing the whole date birth numbers (or summing the generation and
biorhythm numbers) and getting the final result of only one number. For instance, if one is born
on 18. 8. 1984, the life path number of that person will be calculated in the following way:

1+8+8=17 - day and month of birth (18. 8)

1+7=8 - this is the biorhythm number

1+9+8+4=22 - year of birth (1984) - 22 is the master number

2+2=4 - this is the generation number

8+4=12 - biorhythm and generation number

1+2=3 - life path number

The sum of the biorhythm number 8 and the generation number 4 is 12, and then we sum 1 and
2 so the final number is 3.

In Numerology 369 click on the boxes with results in order to get reports for particular numbers. The reports can be saved with "SAVE REPORTS AS" from the File menu (this saves all textual reports in one large TXT file), or as web page with "EXPORT REPORT AS HTML FILE" command, or by using commands COPY and PASTE from Edit menu or by rightclicking on the mouse.

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