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Numerology: Table of Disadvantages

This table represents the frequency of the letters from one's name and last name according to
the numerological table of the corresponding numbers. This table shows the karmic tasks and
lessons in life. It is analyzed through name and last name. All the letters are translated into the
corresponding number equivalents given in the table. This table finds frequency, i.e. the repetition
of the same letters in the name and last name and it registers the number equivalent by using
the sign * in the table fields. For example, if a person's name includes the letter A four times and
the numerological value of this letter is number 1, then in the field for this number will be written
**** in the table. This means that the letter A appears four times in the name and last name.

When * appears in a field once or several times, it means that a person has a karmic task that
corresponds to the ordinal number of the field in which the star (*) is. Moreover, if * appears a few
times in a field that is better because this person will make better use of his or her energy and
potentials in life and the life will therefore be much easier.

The fields in the table of disadvantages are arranged in the following way:

3 6 9 third sixth ninth
2 5 8 second fifth eighth
1 4 7 first forth seventh

In Numerology 369 click on the boxes with results in order to get reports for particular numbers. The reports can be saved with "SAVE REPORTS AS" from the File menu (this saves all textual reports in one large TXT file), or as web page with "EXPORT REPORT AS HTML FILE" command, or by using commands COPY and PASTE from Edit menu or by rightclicking on the mouse.

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